Only Certain Types Of Science Will Suffice For The Left

Courtesy of Fox News

We all want to see progress when it comes to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

The issue is that the Left and the media that is an extension of their belief system has been on a crusade touting science being the only thing that can progress our reaction and response going forward on this pandemic. In a sense we are enslaved to the will of science and only science can tell us when it is okay to get back to living again.

President Trump says that Hydroxychloroquine looks interesting and should be looked into. He is then reported to have said that he believes it is the cure and everyone should take it immediately and went as far as to say that Trump must have some motive to propping up Hydroxychloroquine from a financial standpoint.

Then there was the latest media misfire as they claimed that President Trump said to inject disinfectant into your lungs to kill the virus. (Go back and listen to what he said and not what the media claims he said.)

The media and the Left will only accept certain forms of science as the answer to this crisis. If the media says that their sources say that this is the right form of science to help us then it truly must be correct as they are the arbiters of truth and it is their job to control the message and treat you like drones soaking up all of THEIR information as fact.

Science has been and will always be more complicated than it looks and or seems. We have treatments for the flu and cancer among other ailments. Some work and some do not while some have been studied and tested for decades and still need answers.

Do we all want a cure for COVID-19 to be developed? Yes.

But we are not all in this together when it comes to how to achieve it. That is a startling revelation to say the least.

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