Every Decision Will Be Scrutinized Post COVID-19

Courtesy of Fox News

The country is deciding to SLOWLY get back to work in some sort of fashion. Some states have decided to reopen parts of their economy while others extended stay-at-home orders further into May and even into the month of June.

These claims of "minor inconveniences" that we all "must sacrifice" may sound nice on the surface but in reality mask the real problem that we collectively as a country handled this in a manner that in the long run will be looked back on as a mistake.

Shutting down an economy was not the right answer. Giving out "free" money was not the right answer. The idea that we should "enjoy cleaner air" while sacrificing commerce and business prosperity was not the right answer.

The reality is that we as a country let fear make decisions for us. Uncertainty and lack of control is something no one likes to go through yet this tested that case on a massive scale. The media has played a big part in controlling this message to make you the American citizen feel as if you have no control and must rely on "experts" to tell you what you can and cannot do and what is deemed "safe."

You "may" get sick? You "may not" get sick.

You were told not to work? You were told that your bills would be paid for.

This is what was considered a long term solution? We CAN walk and chew gum at the same time as a society. We can take precautions while still making our country function properly.

Letting emotion cloud our judgement has never worked well and continues to show us that when we let those emotions drive our logical and rational thinking it often guides towards the same place---poor execution with lack of practicality.

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