The Defense For Joe Biden Is Getting Desperate

Courtesy of Fox News

So now the DNC wants you to believe that they would have found out answers concerning "sexual allegations" against Joe Biden way back when he was being considered as a VP candidate...

Things are getting real desperate for Joe Biden and the Democrats aren't they?

Why would this have not come up back when Tara Reade worked for him in the early 90's?

Why now is this even considered an option given the backtracking that has been done all on sides including from Biden himself?

He is getting asked on TV about them and all he does is deflect! Remember the Kavanaugh hearings? How could you forget! Those hearings were based off of way less information than what is being presented here!

The Democrats WANT Joe Biden and they NEED Joe Biden to come out of this as they see this as their opportunity to not have President Trump be the leader of this country for four more years. Yet with every twist and turn the outcome becomes murkier for Joe Biden and any hopes they have of being looked at as true leaders.

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