Media Attempts To Bait President Trump With Another Racist Question.

Meet CBS News Reporter Weijia Jiang.

She's been on a mission to make President Trump solely responsible for the spread of COVID19 across the USA. Jiang was at it again today during a White House briefing.

She asked POTUS, 'why is this a global competition to you if every day Americans are still losing their lives.'

WATCH the question and WATCH President Trump's response.

Of course, Jiang had to make it about herself. She even went as far as pulling down her face mask. This is what passes as White House reporters in 2020.

As you'd expect, the media is taking Jiang's side. Business Insider is running with this headline: 'Why are you saying that to me': Chinese-American reporter calls Trump out on his anti-China remarks and suggests he's singling her out.


The Independent's headline: Trump walks out of press conference after altercation with female reporters.

Of course, this isn't the first time POTUS and Jiang have made headlines over her questions. Here's another example.

CNN jumped in almost immediately after the press conference was over.

From The Guardian:

“He didn’t want to hear the questions from Kaitlan (Collins, CNN reporter) and Weijia. It has racist overtones. It’s racist to look at an Asian-American correspondent and say ‘ask China’, it’s part of a pattern from the president,” (CNN media critic (aka Trump hater)) Stelter just commented, live on CNN.

He continued: “He’s been rattled by Weijia Jiang’s questions in the past...he treats minority journalists in a very different way,” Stelter said.

See, social media isn't the only place where people can't talk like grow ups.

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