The Mask Is Off Of The Real Collusion In America

President Donald Trump has been seen as an enemy of the people by the Democrats and the Left leaning media ever since he became President back in 2016. They went to great lengths to try and prove that he was at the root of collusion both on a foreign and domestic level and should have been ousted from office.

The facts are that it was indeed the Obama Administration which included the likes of Joe Biden, James Clapper, James Comey, John Brennan and others that tried to gain information on an administration they had no jurisdiction or right to have any impact or influence on.

They wanted to make anything stick to ensure that President Trump was taken down by false accusation and allegations.

It is now clear that the unethical nature of the Left is shining bright for all the people of this country and the world to see.

Will anyone actually admit that the Mueller Report and any and all investigations were a colossal waste of time when it was right in front of their face the whole time hiding in plain sight within the Democrat Party and the corrupt administration under Barack Obama?


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