Joe Biden Is A Failure

Joe Biden claims that he has all the answers that President Donald Trump does not have on a lot of issues.

He claims that he would have handled this virus crisis better when in fact he was overtly against any travel ban from China calling it "xenophobia." That travel ban has proven to have worked and gave this country time to address the issue head on.

But Biden also claims that he would have had a plan to combat this sooner and with much more force. In a sense he "claims" that he would have been better prepared. Would anyone have been "better prepared for something we did not know enough about?

Those claims against President Trump fall on deaf ears as a way to turn that logic against his detractors. "We don't know enough about the virus so we have to shut everything down." With that logic being used how could anyone have the foresight to know what this virus was capable of doing throughout the United States and the world?

The Biden campaign along with the DNC simply wants to run a campaign that essentially focuses on "Orange Man Bad." That is all they have? Sounds like four more years of Trump are coming in November.

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