Churches Are Finally Considered "Essential."

So after the days, weeks and months went by of sheltering in place and limiting what places and people were deemed "essential" the right thing was finally done. Church and attending worship services are now deemed "essential."

What changed on this topic? The answer in many cases when something needs to get done is President Donald Trump. State Governors did not have the courage to open up churches for people to attend even though preventing people from worshiping goes against a foundational principle of this country!

Did we have Governors across the country join together to help remedy this? That answer ending up being a resounding "No."

President Donald Trump stood in front of the country and made them essential and called for them to reopen and allow this fundamental action take place. Does this speak to the diminishing of Christianity in our nation being taken seriously and made to be protected? Yes!

This is yet another example of President Donald Trump and all of America once again.....WINNING!

Go out and worship!

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