Science Says Masks Don't Really Work.

As the debate and the shaming about face masks rages on in America, let's look at the science. Science says masks are ineffective in fighting against COVID19.

Dr. Scott Jensen explains to Tony Robbins why masks don't work. In short, it's about the size of the virus' microbes. Watch.

Bottom line, there's a small benefit to wearing N95 surgical masks, but that benefit is being overstated. Additionally, there is virtually no benefit to wearing any other type of mask because they aren't designed to stop tiny microbes.

Think the media is going to report on this? Or will they continue to ignore it? Especially since Dr. Jensen in a Republican member of the Minnesota's State Senate. He has already raised red flags about how he was coached to put COVID19 on death certificates as the official cause of death when it wasn't the primary cause.

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