The Media Has Lost Control Of The Narrative

Did you ever want to know why the media has the poor reputation that it has earned over the years?

Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, briefly explains why journalistic integrity apparently is not a pillar of the profession as a whole with the types of questions she is asked. She is not above being questioned as it is part of her job but journalists do not want to be questioned at all. They want to be seen as the arbiters of information and their voice is the only voice that matters when it comes to fact and truth.

The media has been put in their place during the Trump administration and as a result of it we have seen their power and control over the narrative diminish. Need proof? Go see the ratings for the networks that have been labeled "Fake News."

It is way past time to see the media get their comeuppance when it comes to their behavior. They have lost their grip on power and control and it is showing through their ineptitude.

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