The Left Wants to Have It Both Ways When It Comes To Social Media

Social Media has been a prevalent way for the world to communicate, obtain information and spread information across these easy to use platforms for fast information needed for a society bound to instant gratification.

Restrictions on these platforms only became an issue after President Donald Trump came into office in 2016. The Left had suffered a massive shock to their core and they were questioning how he could have won. From that day forward the narrative was "Orange Man Bad."

The mainstream media decided that he was not "their President" and never gave him a fair shake. He was a man holding down the office until someone they liked took his place in 2020. They were going to make his life miserable at all times.

President Trump then decided that his way to communicate to the world was through an app called Twitter. At the time before President Trump took his message to Twitter it was a dying entity on the precipice of becoming irrelevant.

As soon as President Trump took his messaging to the American people to Twitter the Left once again tried every which way to shut him down to control the narrative and the messaging yet again.

So now we come to the present confrontation which is that President Trump is calling out the fake news and the blatant lies that are told by the media and by Left-leaning entities and so he fired back by tweeting a conspiracy theory back at them.

Now the Left said he had gone too far and helped Twitter provide a "fact check" attached to all Trump tweets. Facebook does something similar to their users when they deem material as needing to be "fact checked by independent fact checkers." The bottom line is that they want the power and control of content on their platform. If they disagree with it you can bet that they will squash it.

Can you imagine if the Left's message was getting squashed on a platform? Of course not! The outrage would be massive.

One way or another President Trump is not going to be halted from his job even if Twitter decides to take their stand with the rest of social media and try to silence President Trump or his followers or his message. This will only embolden President Trump to work even harder to ensure that he remains a President who fights back against the corruption and the deception of the media and the Left who constantly attack him on everything and anything he does.

They want to have it both ways and it simply is hypocritical and wrong.

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