The Left NOW Wants To Use Religion For Their Messaging?

Courtesy of ABC News

Joe Biden has been regularly attacking President Donald Trump for any and all actions he takes. That is not surprising in the least from anyone on the Left and especially not from Joe Biden who is trying to take President Trump's job come November.

However the surprising part is that the Democrat Party removed "God" from their party platform in 2012 and had been slowly removing it since 2004.

So why is Joe Biden insisting on attacking President Trump using the Bible as a "prop" when his party does not include it in their own philosophy?

The answer is that they believe Trump is losing the optics game. Since when has Trump been losing the optics game during his Presidency? He may slip up from time to time but he never ever comes out looking bad.

The other thing working against the Democrats is that Joe Biden is not taking a real stance on the protests that have turned into riots? Condemning these riots would go a long way for Biden but he chooses to simply follow the narrative of the media and his party that they have "room to destroy" and "feed their emotions."

So it is deemed appropriate that the "voice of the voiceless protest to get attention?" This mob rule not being called out by Biden should be a red flag as to the Democrats real intention but that also should not be a surprise since they want the popular vote to make the decisions for who wins elections. Mob rule uses "popular vote" principles.

President Trump using a Bible should be the least of Joe Biden's concerns when it comes to optics or his candidacy to lead this country he and others like him deem as being in peril.

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