The Defund The Police Movement Grows

The Defund The Police movement is picking up steam across the country as politicians seem to be using this as an opportunity to stay in power.

The city of Los Angeles is canceling a planned budget increase for the LAPD and moving those funds into 'community programs.' The budget increase was originally put in place to give new officers a hiring bonus.

Minneapolis is planning to disband their entire police department against the wishes of their liberal Mayor Jacob Frey.

New York State is also moving to make changes. Lawmakers there are hoping to repeal a provision known as 50-A. This provision allows police departments to keep officer disciplinary records secret. Governor Andrew Cuomo has also signaled support to ban chokeholds, automatically appoint special prosecutors in 'questionable' police shootings and to make it a crime to call 911 in a racially biased way.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to decrease the NYPD's budget by $6 billion.

In Phoenix, the City Council has just agreed to fully fund a Phoenix Police Review board to the tune of $3 million.

Not everyone is on board though. President Trump saying Monday there will be no defunding of the police.

Glendale, AZ's Mayor Jerry Weiers says he will keep the city's department fully funded. Even former Vice President Joe Biden doesn't support defunding the police.

So, where will we go from here?

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