Wanting Police Presence Means You Have Privilege

Many are calling for the defunding and dismantling of police departments across the country after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The very structure of police departments would transform into something else entirely.

Is there a plan in place as to how to do this yet from the crowds of people demanding change? Their plan is to "figure it out as they go." They have to get rid of the problem and then replace it with something during a time period where there is no solution and nothing to serve and protect which is the job of the police.

Even CNN's Alisyn Camerota brings up a great point during this interview above and asks, "If my home is broken into in the middle of the night who do I call?"

The answer according to the guest, Minneapolis City Council Leader Lisa Bender, is that asking the police for help and receiving it means you have privilege. We must now all feel what it is like to not have the police serve and protect all of us.

So the answer to the problem of the police is to get rid of them and fend for ourselves?

Real leadership on display right there... Minneapolis should be real proud of someone who believes that you don't have the right to call for help unless those in control allow you to get help.

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