COPS and Live PD Are Latest Victims of Cancel Culture

The police are thought of very negatively these days due to current events that have sparked outrage and protests that have even caused riots and overt violence against law enforcement.

However cancel culture has shown our society that they will do whatever it takes to ensure that their way, much like mob rule, is the only tolerated way to think. COPS and Live PD showed the world that officers are indeed people as well who make mistakes and do their job for the world to see.

No one is condoning the actions taken by rogue cops who take the law into their own hands. But this is a bridge too far blaming all cops as the racist beings that cancel culture wants them to be depicted as.

Leave it to Geraldo Rivera to make a coherent point about the fact that it is easier to take these shows off the air rather than stand up to this mentality of anarchy ruling all.

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