Scottsdale City Councilman Responds To His "I Can't Breathe" Backlash

Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips was speaking at a rally in Scottsdale to fight against the recent mandating of masks handed down by Mayor Jim Lane after Gov. Doug Ducey allowed local officials to make their own decisions regarding the wearing of masks.

As he came up to the podium to speak with supports awaiting his words Councilman Guy Phillips was still wearing his mask. Before taking off his mask and continuing on with the event he said, "I can't breathe."

He was unaware of the fallout that would come from a seemingly harmless comment about the wearing of masks and not being able to breathe 100% efficiently. His words were taken as a slight against the final words of George Floyd who was recently murdered by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He has since apologized for those remarks and below is the interview talking about the backlash that has come from the comments he made.

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