Pelosi Wants To Order People To Wear Masks!?

With fears over the further spreading of COVID mounting once again Nancy Pelosi and others have called upon President Trump to order people to wear masks. The reasoning behind this? It is to "ensure the safety and security" of everyone during this pandemic.

After months of calling President Trump a dictator they want him to NOW act like a dictator and make the people bend to the will of the Government. Isn't the Government supposed to be for the people by the people? This is not a system lead by one but lead by representatives that make up a collection of a total system.

Any decree put out by the Government demanding people to do something to ensure safety and security for all went right out the window when nothing was said about the protests and riots going on for weeks over the death of George Floyd that inevitably helped spread COVID once again. Unfortunately the focus is on the rallies for President Trump and that being the only way the spread could have happened or the reopening of states happening too early as deemed by the "experts" that have been flip-flopping on advice since the very beginning.

They may not claim that this is a political stance but unfortunately the Left made it one and now they have to deal with those consequences. They claims to be for the people yet they create division by wanting people to be "ordered" to do something.

Remember when we were "ordered" to get in line for mandated healthcare? This has the same impact. People do not want to be told what to do or how to act in a free society. Freedom may be messy but at least there is choice and that is what this is in direct contradiction to.

No Speaker Pelosi we will not be ordered to wear masks and no we will bend to the will of tyrants like you who want to throw around power upon the citizens that gave you that power.

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