Ducey Comes After Liquor Licences

The Arizona Department of Liquor Licences and Control has suspended the liquor licence of Life Time Fitness Biltmore. Technically it's a gym, but this location near 26th Street and Camelback Road has two bars. Life Time Fitness has defied Governor Doug Ducey's executive order closing down gyms, bars, water parks, and movie theaters until July 27th.

Life Time Fitness initially closed their fitness areas Monday night and Tuesday after Ducey signed the order. They did keep portions of the facility open, including the bars. Life Time Fitness did reopen their fitness floors Wednesday.

Read the press release below.

The Arizona Department of Liquor Licences and Control wrote, 'the club's actions presented a risk to the community in furthering the spread of COVID-19, and with this jeopardizing the health, safety, and welfare of the public.'

Another gym, Mountainside Fitness has announced they will be defying Ducey's executive order as well while suing over the shutdown. At least one Mountainside Fitness location in Scottsdale was cited by the Scottsdale (Karen) Police Department because they remained open.

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