Seattle Finally Steps Up Against CHAZ/CHOP. Too Little Too Late?

Courtesy of Fox Business

The CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle has been occupied for weeks demanding racial injustice be remedied while defunding and disbanding the police must be done as "demands" in order for their "peaceful protest" to stop. This was an occupation of a six block area of Seattle that the city let happen!

Well the city has finally stepped in and started to realize that letting open chaos flow through your city without any regard for law and order is a really bad idea!

Mayor Jenny Durkan once called CHAZ/CHOP as "patriotism and not terrorism." Then she realized that her own city was slowly but surely giving into mob rule and decided to do something about it.

Too little too late I'm afraid as now the occupiers feel as if they have a semblance of control and that their actions will mostly go unpunished. They can freely operate as children crying and whining and complaining until they get their way. Parenthood does not come with an instruction manual!

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