Democrats Believe White People Are Bad

The Democrat Party wants you to believe that it is indeed White people that must apologize for the sins of the past with everything they do.

The Democrat Party perpetuates the lie that it is indeed White people that must atone for simply existing as racist beings who are intolerant and bigoted and must make way for becoming a 2nd class citizen based on their skin color.

Want to know why this is not a rumor and simply a fact? The Democrat Party has exhibited a tactic called "the wrap-up smear." They will weaponize the smearing of an idea or a person or a group of people they wish to attack and use it for their advantage.

Courtesy of Chris Bronson

The Democrat Party wants White people to believe that they are morally corrupt individuals based on their skin color.

Who wants to sow seeds of division in this country?

The Democrats do and they will continue to do it until you comply with their continuous flow of hate filled rhetoric to make you submit to their dogma.

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