Biden Wants Two Trillion For Clean Energy!?

Courtesy of Bloomberg Politics

Joe Biden desperately wants your vote in 2020. He badly needs the Democrats to support him and he will do whatever it takes to fully embrace the new ways of the Democrat party.

This of course includes wasting tons of money to fix our planet with good clean and green energy.

Joe Biden finally announced his new plan to save the world by wanting to spend TRILLIONS of dollars on clean energy.

Here is a wake-up call for all those who believe that this is what we need to be focusing on as a leader of the United States of America.

People are out of work and the Democrats blame the virus on the businesses shutting down and letting workers go. These are the same Democrats that want to keep things shut down to be "safe" while also spending money on cleaning up the environment that they claim is more important than anything else.

More important than the social justice? More important than bashing President Trump on anything he does? More important than Black Lives Matter?

The answer is that they seek power and they must have it to not only control the narrative but convince the American people that our way of living up until now has not been sufficient enough. They want to go back to what Barack Obama started when it comes to fundamentally changing what this country is.

We do not have an energy problem we instead have a problem that resides on one side of the aisle that hates this country and has convinced their minions that this country must be torn down in order for it to rise again.

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