CDC Is Done Reporting Virus Numbers!

Courtesy of News4JAX

The Centers for Disease Control have been told that their services are no longer needed when it comes to reporting COVID related date to the American people.

Need to know information on ICU beds and hospitalizations? That information will now flow through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and will be reported separate from any CDC interference.

What does this mean for the American people?

It means that the information that we have collectively been getting now has a chance to mean something since the CDC has been proven to give advice and then immediately rescind it on a whim. They have also directed the American people and leadership of the great citizens of this country contradicting data along with "science" that has made lockdowns a "flatten the curve" a notion that has not worked.

The CDC has now has their privileges stripped from them when it comes to releasing data that they have not been accurate about from the beginning.

By no means does it mean that COVID related data is going to fully change but it does mean that the facts now have a chance to come out through HHS instead of the CDC. The lag behind the reports of important COVID data got to the point of unacceptable levels and something had to be done about it. No political motivation to be seen here unlike the Left when they place Dr. Fauci on a pedestal and praise him in the form of an In Style magazine cover lauding him for being "effective at his job."

What has been happening is not working. Time to do something that will work.

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