Mixed Messaging Still Making Things Worse

Courtesy of Face The Nation

Want to know why people have now drawn a line in the sand when it comes to how to handle and deal with the pandemic known as COVID-19?

The reason is because leadership cannot all get on the same page nor can they actually decide what this really is and or how to handle it.

At first there was trepidation given the fact that no one knew anything about this virus and so drastic measures were taken to "slow the spread" of the virus and not "overwhelm our hospitals."

But now that there has blatant disregard for what classifies as "safety" to the people of America. You cannot say that we opened too soon and that is what caused a resurgence while at the same time back the open George Floyd protests/riots that "didn't spread" the virus.

Let me say this very clearly and very simply...We cannot control this virus. We never have and we never will.

When you have "experts" saying that New York did it the right way while directly causing thousands of deaths in nursing homes you have a messaging problem. You have lost the confidence of the American people.

Mayor Bottoms has no leg to stand on when it comes to criticizing Governor Kemp. The people that believe that they can "control" the virus have lost those of us who know that this crisis has officially been co-opted for political gains.

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