Portland Mayor Does Not Want Any Help With Riots

Courtesy of ABC News

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, OR has demanded that President Trump remove Federal troops from his city that have been placed there to help manage the riots that have been taking place for 50+ days.

He believes that Trump has overstepped his boundaries and that the President should let local officials and enforcement have full control of the situation.

So letting the city burn is a great message to the people of your city? Do we need to let these people have the emotional response of having room to destroy to make their voices heard? When will this madness stop? Why are leaders like Mayor Ted Wheeler allowing this to happen and not wanting help from outside sources?

If this is about optics I do not see how this is being won by those in power when they are telling their constituents that this kind of behavior is acceptable.

It took weeks for Mayor Durkan in Seattle to do anything about the CHAZ/CHOP in her city yet Mayor Wheeler believes they have everything under control and are taking the right steps to make sure this will not get out of control.

You have already lost control Mayor and you have lost the confidence of those around you to have any competence or show any real leadership going forward.

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