Biden And Obama Chat About How Terrible Trump Is For America

Joe Biden believes he is the answer to the problem that America faces in today's climate. Joe Biden believes that he will crawl out of his basement in November and take over as the new progressive leader of the United States of America.

So now he wants to use his old pal Barack Obama to get him over the hump. Remember when Obama would not formally endorse his former VP during the primary? That seems like the distant past for the Left as they are all in with this charge that Joe Biden not only HAS to save America but NEEDS to save America from "Orange Man Bad."

They want the 2016 election to have an asterisk by it and claim that it never happened and that this country can get "back on track" to where it needs to go. Which path are we talking about? The primrose path towards Socialism of course! What makes this country great according to the Left? Anti-Capitalism and anything that Trump and his supporters believe in of course!

This public chat about how bad things have been, currently are and will continue to be under President Trump should be an eye opener for the country about how feckless it truly was under Barack Obama and how rudderless it will be under Joe Biden.

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