WATCH: The Dumbest PSA Ever. Wear A Mask Like A Boxer.

We wish this was a joke. But, this is what happens when the government tries to get creative. It always falls flat.

Governor Doug Ducey announcing a new ad campaign to get Arizona to Mask Up. The ad features a boxer in a gym saying,

'Funny thing about boxing gloves...they protected me...and they protected you. Which is why we think it's crazy some people won't put on a cloth mask to fight COVID. Doesn't make me feel weak.'

First, if this boxer was in an Arizona based gym that gym would be closed by Ducey's executive order. Second, boxers aren't really 'protected' by boxing gloves. The Association of Neurological Surgeons cites research saying, 'nearly 90-percent of boxers suffer a brain injury of some extent during their career.'

Boxers are hit on the head so many times (with gloves on) they are more prone to Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease as they age. Additionally, boxers suffer numerous other injuries including broken bones, cuts, and sprains.

Clearly, the state is trying to say tough guys wear masks too. But, they should have put a picture of Clint Eastwood in a mask on a billboard rather than a boxer who is more susceptible to brain injuries who has to work out in his home because his gym is closed.

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