Doctor Says Hydroxychloroquine Is A Cure For COVID. Watch.

Update. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all pulled the video. The best way to watch it is here.


Don't Believe The Hype on COVID19.

That was the message from a group of Doctors calling themselves, America's Frontline Doctors. They held a press conference in Washington, D.C. today to quell the fear that has gripped America over this virus.

As some experts are suggesting another economic shutdown, these doctors say schools can reopen safely as there is not a single documented case of children passing COVID19 on to adults.

One doctor with this group, Dr. Stella Immanuel, suggests there's a cure to the coronavirus.

The cure: hydroxychloroquine. Watch.

Bonus. Dr. Immanuel calls out CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

No doubt, this group of experts who believe in science based on their first hand knowledge treating patients suffering from COVID19 will not make the media rounds because they aren't scaring people enough.

For the record Dr. Immanuel has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years in the Houston, TX area.

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