Barr Does Not Believe There Is Systemic Racism And The Left Disagrees

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) decided to challenge Attorney General William Barr's answer to the question of whether or not there was systemic racism in our country.

He then decided that Barr's answer was not only wrong but that the recently deceased Rep. John Lewis would not approve of such a stance. This is once again another example of politicizing the death of John Lewis to fit the narrative of the Left!

"Keep the name of John Lewis out of the Justice Department's mouth," said Richmond.

These hearings are not supposed to be political nor are they supposed to be blatantly attacking someone testifying before the House Judiciary committee.

The Democrats have decided that they can act any way they deem necessary in their realm of decorum and rule. Barr was also challenged on the fact that no one on his staff was Black. So now we have to have specific representatives during this case that are Black to speak on systemic racism?

The hurdles that these Democrats are attempting to have AG Barr go through are asinine and unbecoming of members of a House Judiciary committee. This is nothing short of pathetic behavior.

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