Barr Accused Of Being Disrespectful By House Dems!?

Just when you thought the Democrats would not stoop any lower when it comes to their decorum they accuse Attorney General William Barr of being disrespectful during the hearings!

If anyone was being disrespectful of anyone during the entire time of questioning it was the Democrats and their obnoxious behavior!

Check this out!

Courtesy of Smooth Media

All AG Barr did was come in to answer any and all questions the committee had to the best of his abilities. Instead what the country saw was an entire party bloviate and accuse Barr of not only being President Trump's lap dog but also lying about systemic racism, private militia usage and overall attitude while in the proceedings.

It does not take much observing to see that all Mr. Barr wanted to do was his job that he was asked to do and he was not even allowed to do that properly.

This was a hit job and meant to publicly humiliate Attorney General William Barr. Needless to say it did not work and all the Democrats have to show for it is whining and complaining that he did not do what they wanted him to do on their timetable.

We the American people wish to RECLAIM OUR TIME!

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