Biden's Notes Prove He's Not Fit To Be President.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was caught with handwritten notes ahead of a speech earlier this week. No big deal. Except when you read the notes. Regarding potential running mate Senator Kamala Harris Biden wrote, 'do not hold grudges.'

This is a rather simple note. It's not a statistic from Harris' record in the Senate. It's as basic a note as can be. Biden also hand wrote under the Kamala Harris section:


Campaigned with me & Jill.

Great help to campaign.

Great respect for her.

Again. These are all basic notes. If he has to remind himself he has great respect for his potential Vice Presidential pick how is Biden going to handle negotiations with world leaders like China's Xi Jingping or Russia's Vladimir Putin?

The handwritten notes weren't just about Harris. Biden also had to remind himself how to run the country with such quips as:

Rebuild middle class.

Restore sole of the nation.

Tell the truth.

Take responsibility.

Ok. Maybe Biden needs a note for the last two as politicians do need reminders to tell the truth and take responsibility.

There have been several media headlines and opinion pieces saying President Donald Trump is unfit to be President. It's time to ask the same question for Joe Biden. He's running to be the most powerful man in the world after all and his notes won't save him.

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