These People Say Hydroxycholoriquine Worked For Them.

Does hydroxycholoriquine treat COVID19?

According to the media the answer is no. Social media has jumped on board too, taking down video of a group of doctors advocating the drug to treat severe COVID cases. The doctors based their conclusion on both a 2005 National Institutes of Health study and treating their own patients with the drug.

Social media even went as far as calling the video 'dangerous.' Dangerous even though you can only get hydroxycholoriquine from a doctor.

Let's to go Twitter. Twitter is providing first-hand accounts of people saying #HCQworks.

Admittedly, Twitter isn't always the most reliable news source, but since the media likes to run articles based on people's tweets we thought we would do the same thing. Remember the old tag line, 'we report, you decide?' That's what we are doing here.

Additionally, we talked to John McConnell in early April. After being diagnosed with COVID19 his doctors suggested he take hydroxycholoriquine instead of putting him on a ventilator. He and his family agreed. Within 24 hours he saw marked improvement and was able to leave the hospital shortly thereafter. We checked in with John earlier this week and he said he's still feeling great.

Catch the interview on his first hand account here. John also told us in early April doctors in the hospital he was in administered HCQ treatment to 26 other COVID patients. All of them showed significant recovery within 24 hours.

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