Why Is Hydroxychloroquine Considered Controversial?

Courtesy of Fox News

The infighting among the medical "experts" over Hydroxychloroquine being a viable solution and treatment for COVID-19 has sparked a massive debate.

You have people like Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that there is no evidence to back up claims of effective usage of the drug while you have doctors marching up to the Capitol Hill steps and saying that Hydroxychloroquine along with zinc can and does work against the virus.

Why is there so much disparity?

As with most things in life the key is to follow the money.

Social media is doing their best to scrub any information that does not line up with what the W.H.O and the C.D.C. have to say on this matter even though both of those groups have been discredited on information they have given to the American people.

You really have to ask yourself what does America have to lose by trying anything and everything to fight back against this virus that has consumed and altered our lives?

So why is Hydroxychloroquine considered controversial? The "experts" say that it is not worthy of your consideration and that their word is bond on all matters pertaining to a virus that we still do not know much about at all!

Think for yourself. Do your own research. Seek out opinions of treatment if you can find them. There is not one true solution yet and there may not be just one solution. Do not let these "experts" discourage you and keep you down and make you become complacent and compliant. That is what they want you to do!

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