Fauci Can't Answer Any Questions On His Own Advice

Courtesy of CNN

Dr. Anthony Fauci is showing the entire world how vapid and empty his advice and his science really are.

When asked by Rep. Jim Jordan about his inconsistencies when it comes to some crowds spreading the virus but others not spreading the virus he backed away from his science and data and avoided the question.

When pressed to clarify what advice should be taken seriously while other advice should be cautioned against Dr. Fauci once again backed down.

This is the same guy that first recommended masks and now says they help and is now pushing for the usage of goggles to protect our eyes from any transmission of the virus from person to person. Are we going to hazmat suits in public next? Are we going to have to worry about any and all contact until this magic vaccine appears sometime in 2021 according to the latest reports which Dr. Fauci agrees with?

His words are empty. His advice is empty. He is now under the umbrella of protection from any scrutiny by the Left because he is deemed as the "expert" on the matter of the coronavirus crisis.

Anyone who is this duplicitous should never be taken seriously ever.

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