Antifa Burns Bibles And Flags During Protests


The "protests" that are going on across the country have been infiltrated by this group called Antifa. Have you ever heard of them? The Left sure has and they believe that they are no co-opting the protests and making them explode into riots and destructive behavior to "get their message across." So while yelling "F Trump" they are burning Bibles and American flags to show how much they hate Christianity and this country and what it stands for.

So "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" are not things to aspire to nor is it okay to practice the religion that founded this nation?

Cancel Culture sure does like to try and impose its will on everyone doesn't it? This is not peaceful protest. This is behavior that incites violence. Having the "right" to do it does not excuse the fact that you only want to create chaos and create a narrative to help co-opt a message that has terrified people into compliance. That is simply evil. Think evil does not exist? Take a look at the video and the acts that you see on TV every day and see what you think then.

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