Biden Debating Trump Is A Bad Idea

The Left may be stuck with who the candidate going up against President Trump is going to be for 2020 and they have finally come to a realization.

What realization is that? Joe Biden cannot and should not debate President Trump under any circumstances.

If they had so much faith in Joe Biden being the next true leader of this country and will undo all of the injustices that President Trump has placed upon this country why are they cautioning about a debate between the two of them?

The answer is simple---Biden would get embarrassed and shown to be completely incapable of being the President of the United States.

Right now Biden can hide in his bunker and campaign about how he is the polar opposite of Trump and that his party platform is to be the most progressive President in the history of the United States. If you want "real change" then the only way to vote is for Biden. This is the same guy that told Black people that if they had trouble choosing who to vote for President then "you ain't Black."

He would be an unmitigated disaster on a debate stage in front of millions of people on TV and the Left knows it. They are going to do whatever it takes to ensure that a debate never happens and that voting by mail happens for millions of people without any question of how it will be counted or how it will be verified. They want the 2000 election all over again with a different outcome more satisfying to their agenda. The 2016 election is a stain on their party and the 2020 election is something they want to go full steam into with confidence that there is no chance for President Trump to minimize Joe Biden in any way.

This is all part of the plan and they are telling you how they want to accomplish this!

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