Judge: Gyms in AZ Must Be Given Chance To Reopen Within Week

An Arizona judge is mandating the state government provide safety guidelines to fitness centers so they can begin the process of reopening amidst the COVID19 pandemic in Arizona. Judge Timothy Thomason writing in a 24-page decision, Governor Doug Ducey's executive order forcing fitness centers to close violates 'procedural due process.'

Ducey closed gyms, bars, water parks, movie theaters and tubing with an executive order signed on June 29th. The order was set to expire on July 27th until Ducey extended it for another 14-days.

Now the state must provide the safety guidelines within a week. Fitness centers can then apply to reopen based on following those guidelines.

The question now becomes how stringent will the Governor's office set the standards. Will there be capacity limits placed on gyms? Could they be as low as 50% like restaurants are currently facing? Could they be forced to face stricter capacity limits? Could gyms reopen by appointment only?

Mountainside Fitness initially sued the Governor hoping to get a temporary restraining order against the executive order. That was denied. But, today Judge Thomason is forcing the state to act.

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