Obamagate Is Real.

The Left never thought it was possible that someone would overturn the apple cart and take control.

The Left never thought that Hillary Clinton had any chance of losing in 2016 and that it would be business as usual.

The Left was ready for a peaceful transfer of power to the next installment of the Clinton Dynasty and a continuation of the policies that were paved by the Obama administration. Everything was ready to go and there was nothing to worry about.

Then Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in a landslide in what would be considered the biggest political upset of all time.

Want to know why President Trump has been attacked since day one to ruin his credibility and any chance he had of having a "peaceful transfer" of power?

The Left had it all figured out to ruin him from the inside out and bog him down with inanities for years until it was time to replace him in 2020.

Obamagate is real and it is one of the biggest scandals in American history.

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