Biden Believes There Is Diversity With Latinos But Not Blacks

Courtesy of Unite America First

Joe Biden does want to be the next President of the United States in 2020 still right?

These cannot be called "gaffes" anymore. This is who Joe Biden is people!

The Democrat party places itself in the world as "the party of inclusion." They are all about "diversity" and "unity" and want to ensure that everything is "fair."

Joe Biden and the Democrats have hoodwinked their followers into a false pretense with which their only goal is to acquire votes and maintain power over those they seek to "represent."

Biden does not represent you. Biden and the Democrats are only in this for themselves and however they can get your vote they will kowtow and sell their souls to get it!

They blame Republicans for believing that Latinos and Blacks are "monolithic" in their thinking yet it is the Democrats that paint those groups into believing that that is who they were, this is who they are and this is who they will ALWAYS be.

This line of thinking by Joe Biden and the Democrats is sick and twisted!

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