Mr. Ducey Goes To Washington...To Congratulate Himself

Courtesy of The White House

Gov. Doug Ducey traveled to Washington D.C. to discuss with President Trump how well things have been handled in Arizona when it comes to COVID-19.

He lauded over the fact that he and the President have an open line of communication and that anything he needed the President would give him when it comes to combating the virus.

It is all part of the game of simply following the money. This is simply a smokescreen for how to truly handle "keeping Arizona safe" and "doing things the Arizona way."

The Governor truly has nothing to lose except his power when he finally is out of office and cannot get re-elected as the Governor.

He is now fighting back against the gyms that want to prove that they can re-open safely and not be forced to shut down their business.

This has never been about what is best for Arizona because that is the focus of Gov. Ducey. He has power and he is not relinquishing it.

Love that money!

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