Portland Mayor Wants Sympathy For His Lack Of Action

Courtesy of Fox News

The Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler believes that he is doing what is right for his city---by letting it get taken over and destroyed by protesters.

Think about that.

He was down among the protesters rioting for their cause while putting the lives of the citizens he was elected to protect at risk. Why would anyone want to open a business in Portland when it could just be taken over by a group who simply does not like them or needs room to destroy so that their emotional outcries can be seen and heard? Why would anyone follow a leader who blatantly does not care about what is best for Portland? Instead he follows his own personal agenda or bows to the will of the agenda of the party he has sworn his allegiance to.

These people are not sworn to their constituents they are sworn to their dogma and ideology which has blinded them from the truth.

The truth is that they are the problem and everything they represent is the problem. This is not how things get changed. This lack of actual change will set back those who want real change several decades.

Please Mr. Wheeler let someone with any shred of competence take your job and make things right and what is best for Portland. You do not get sympathy for the mess you have put yourself in.

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