Lightfoot Will Not Get Baited Into Action Or Responsibility

"Do not bait us."

That is all Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has to say about her incompetence as a leader for the murder capital of the United States.

What is with all of these cities run by Democrats that entitles them to think that everything is just fine with rioting, looting, burning and killing going on all over?

The problem is that the leaders in areas such as Chicago, Portland, Seattle and many others is that they don't have anyone that resembles anything close to a leader in charge of making big decisions for lots of people.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and many of these cities are discovering that being asleep at the wheel is not conducive to effective leadership.

The question must be asked as to how anyone can trust someone like Mayor Lori Lightfoot to make any decision that has any real weight behind it?

When the foundation is built on quicksand it will crumble and the first sign of trouble. This is the reality for many cities in America and it must be remedied!

These people are dangerous and irresponsible and must be held accountable for their actions now!

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