Activist Hated Biden/Harris in 2018. Loves Them Now.

As Democrat Joe Biden has selected California Senator Kamala Harris the media and Democrats (we know, same thing) couldn't wait to heap praise on the decision. Pundits called it historic. Former President Obama, who said Harris was 'the best looking Attorney General' by far a few years back says Biden 'nailed this decision.'

Activist Shaun King felt the same way. He's excited. At least in 2020 he is. Two years ago he wasn't a fan of either Biden or Harris. Look here at his tweets.

In less than two years King has gone from 99% sure he wouldn't support Biden and Harris because of their 'dismal history on criminal justice reform over the course of their entire careers' to being 'incredibly proud' Harris is being nominated to be Biden's running mate.

Funny how things change.

Funny how King's political hypocrisy is on display. Funny how he's gone from worrying about how Biden and Harris represent a systematically racist criminal justice system to being proud to vote for them. Biden and Harris haven't changed. They each used the criminal justice system for their own ends, to win election after election and gain more and more power.

The problem is it's not funny, it's sad. Sad that an activist like King abandons his main belief just to win an election. Makes us think about what really matters to him.

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