Joe Biden Gets Cover For His Racism

Joe Biden has had a racist past, a racist present, and will continue to have a racist future because that is who he is.

The video montage above simply shows a snippet of the things Joe Biden has said over the years that he simply gets a pass for or gets immense cover from the mainstream media for. Why does he get this treatment?

Orange Man Bad. Trump Must Go. Anyone But Trump.

He is the nominee and his supporters will vote for him because he is not Donald Trump. (Which is one of the worst reasons to vote for someone---just go ask Barack Obama supporters who voted for him because he was Black!)

Biden's stripes are not going to change and neither is his fecklessness with his cavalier attitude. His VP pick of Kamala Harris only solidifies even more the nature of his candidacy which is that he is White and therefore must be balanced out by a Black woman. (She is Jamaican and Indian but that does not matter to the Left what matters is that she is of color or not-White.)

Need a reminder of how careless Biden is with his words? We have DECADES of examples to showcase his ineptitude.

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