Not Wearing A Mask Could Lead To Murder Charges!?

So not wearing a mask is worthy of being called a potential murderer!?

Nashville City Councilwoman Sharon Hurt has gone a bridge too far.

She wants legislation that will allow people to be charged with a felony for not complying with mandates of wearing a mask in public. Can anyone add on to how much of a slippery slope argument this could be if legislation were to ever seriously be considered to this level of enforcement?

This councilwoman even wanted the wearing of masks to take place during a Zoom conference call.

When does this madness end? How much extent will proposed legislation have if it gets that far? Will you as a citizen have to comply willingly for fear of having a felony arrest on your record!?

Power has gone straight to their heads and they will not stop executing that power because they have it and they will not give it back.

Is this the version of Rome crumbling around us that we have feared?

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