Rep. Andy Biggs Calls Out Radical Nature Of A Biden Administration

The following is a guest op-ed from AZ Congressman Andy Biggs:

In Joe Biden’s America, every Leftist dogma and scheme will be adopted. Biden and his handlers embrace the overt attempt to remove and cancel any person, business, or entity that refuses to prostrate before the idols of the Marxian orthodoxy that constitutes the foundation of the new Democrat Party. A Biden Administration will preside over the fascist phenomenon known as the “cancel culture.”

Biden’s puppet masters know that every Leftist policy will need to be implemented by coercion and force. They will relish a sense of boundless power over their adversaries, for within every Leftist is an authoritarian just waiting to get out and bully its fellow citizens.

The “cancel culture” that has evolved in Left-stream media, particularly the social media giants, has also infected the wholly owned subsidiaries of the Left: the academy, the Democrat Party, and the bureaucracy.

For the time being, Biden’s followers are content to control the media, the academy, and the Democrats. Using those apparatuses, they attempt to wipe out any individual who speaks out in opposition, however lightly, to the Marxists and anarchists who want to destroy the American Dream.

The “cancel culture” attempts to control people by using the corrupt social media structure to “erase” a person or business. As always, its tolerance for you if you agree with me, but if not…. These efforts of the “woke” crowd are imbued with all of the kindness and respect of a mob of rioters.

If an employee of a state university “likes” or reposts a comment or video of a conservative black man, the Black Lives Matter bullies will demand that the employee be fired, after a period of shaming.

If the President of the United States has a comment on his social media that somehow offends, the social media-industrial complex will remove the comment, freeze the account, and hide it until the day before the election.

Biden and his minions are okay with firing a doctor who has the temerity to question the devolved orthodoxy on a potential preventative and therapeutic medicine for COVID.

How about Republicans in Congress who uncover the perfidious coup by leaders of the Obama Intelligence Community? They’re fair game to the cancelists.

The cancelists are supportive of, not just withdrawing their patronage from a restaurant that waves a Trump flag, but attempting to destroy that business by organizing a protest or boycott of the restaurant. And, in some instances, this has turned into physical harassment and violence.

The CEO’s of many American corporations understand and fear the power of the organized rabble that will attack them unless they kneel to the mob; unless they acknowledge their ‘sins’ and give a donation to the Left. The fecklessness of the CEO’s simply empowers the economic dictators of the Left. The CEO’s are appeasers. And, as Churchill noted, an appeaser is one who feeds others to the alligators hoping he will be eaten last.

Ultimately, the animated hatred of the bullies who foster the “cancel culture” will come for the CEO’s and their companies because this is only partly about silencing political foes—and corporations are political enemies because businesses rely on the free markets that America’s political system provides.

It is about power. Power to control the people of this country, power to destroy individual freedom, and power to destroy the government of the United States.

That is why the cancelists are trying to destroy the good, the bad, or the ugly of American history.

And, make no mistake, while the “cancel culture” is rampant in the non-government sphere controlled by the Left- the media, the academy, and the Democrats- the real show of force will happen when the pervasive federal bureaucracy can be weaponized to further their objectives.

A Joe Biden presidency will permit federal agencies to use the bureaucrats to begin cancelling political foes on a widespread basis. The anecdotes and reports of cancelling that we see daily will be a drop in the bucket of the attacks that will surely come should Biden get his feeble hands on the levers of federal power.

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