Billy Porter Closes First Night Of Virtual DNC Convention With This...

The DNC wanted to ensure that the first night of the first ever virtual DNC convention was if nothing else memorable.

They had Michelle Obama speak about how her husband Barack and Joe Biden helped fix the country and how Donald Trump had placed this country in ruins.

They even had John Kasich speak his ilk about how we were at a crossroads in 2020 as to which path to take the country forward.

But then a very special moment after all the pomp and circumstance Billy Porter and Steve Stills gave us a rendition of "For What Its Worth" by Buffalo Springfield that was supposed to send the viewers of the program out with a bang!

Instead it once again showcased that the Democrats and their followers are all about identity politics and playing on tropes of the past to garner interest within their party.

The video above shows pictures that Black Lives Matter have been using to propagate their narrative while the song is set during the 1960's as a protest song of its time.

Get the reference and timeline they want you the viewer to follow? The 1960's have once again come back to America and we have to change our racist ways from those evil Republicans holding our country back from being progressive!

This was a total miss by the Democrats!

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