Joe Biden Became Diminished Very Quickly

Courtesy of Donald Trump

The Joe Biden we once knew is gone. And it was not even that long ago when he was his normal self being loud and proud while representing the Democrat Party as strongly as he ever had throughout his decades in office.

But something has changed and something has changed very quickly and in a very disturbing way.

It was only a few years ago that Joe Biden was shown being very attentive and very direct with his answers and his proclamations. Those examples were set against Joe Biden from more recently as he stumbles, mumbles, bumbles, and fumbles his way to the finish line of the Democrat nominee for the President of the United States of America in 2020.

He has lost it and no one is telling him to sit down and retire and let someone else take the mantle of leadership within the Democrat Party. This is his last shot to be where he always wanted to be. Three times the charm right? This was going to be his shot to make a difference at the helm of the highest office of the land after all of his years of service.

This however is just a sad sight to see. Joe Biden became diminished very quickly and he is the answer for the Democrats in 2020?


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