Ducey Offers Drop In Bucket To Help Small Biz Compared To Losses.

Governor Doug Ducey is finally offering help to small businesses across the state who have been closed under his executive orders. Some business like fitness centers, bars, movie theaters and water parks have been closed on two different occasions. While the governor made those moves the bills continues to pile up.

Today, the state is unveiling a $10 million dollar program to help closed businesses pay their mortgages and rent. Small businesses can apply here.

Better than never? Apply now before the grant program runs out of money.

Here are some other details:

  • The maximum amount each business can apply for: $25,000.
  • Each business can only employee 50 people to qualify, (full-time employees count as 1, part-time employees count as .5).
  • Each business owner can only apply for a grant to cover one location.

Also, only government would come up with this website address: http://www.localfirstaz.com/azsmallbizrent

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