The RNC Showcases How Important The 2020 Election Truly Is

If there was any doubt in your mind as to what is on the line in the 2020 election the first night of the RNC 2020 told the facts as plain and simple as they can.

Donald Trump Jr. said it best as the country is headed towards a choice between two different Americas.

"Do we want to fight for church, work and school? Or do we want to fight for rioting, looting and vandalism?"

This is not meant to be hyperbole from Donald Trump Jr. This is meant to show the reality of the decision we are about to make as a country.

The Left has spent time endorsing violent acts of "peaceful protest" while simply touting the fact that a progressive America is the only way towards "true change."

As the RNC rolls on think about what is at stake in 2020 and what reality we as a country want to live in. The Left wants to erase the past four years of Donald Trump. Meanwhile the GOP and Donald Trump want to continue the work that has been started towards making America what is truly is---GREAT.

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