Peaceful Protest? Really?

CNN and the mainstream media are really trying to push this narrative that these protests that seem to never end are all about sending a message and starting a dialogue to bigger issues that need to be addressed in America. They also want to push this narrative that these protests are mostly "peaceful" and that destruction of property and setting buildings on fire is no big deal.

Want to stand against this kind of behavior? You will have mob violence come down on you in the form of Cancel Culture and you will be deemed a racist. If that does not happen you will at the very least be accused of not conforming to accepting that systemic racism is a real idea in this country.

CNN does a live report while property is being set ablaze behind them and says it is "peaceful." Hilariously daft! Does this remind anyone of Baghdad Bob saying everything was fine while tanks were rolling in behind him?

This is hypocrisy at its finest! Of course they will not condemn this in any way because they have caved to the narrative that this behavior must be accepted as a form of protest to open dialogue. All this does is bring the message towards another direction instead of any real progress you MAY have wanted to achieve.

Believing that this kind of behavior is acceptable makes you part of the problem and not part of the solution.

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