Harassment From The Mob Is Unacceptable

Did you ever think that diversity of thought on issues would come down to shouting down and demanding that people bend to your way of thinking?

If groups of people disagree on an issue when did it become acceptable for people to be emotionally driven to make supposed change by beating into submission any and all opposition to their viewpoints?

Mob rule is always going to be viewed as dangerous on a multitude of levels. Several members participating in the RNC were surrounded and harassed to ensure that they listen to people simply wanting to be heard. Or that is what they claim is their message when it comes to their "peaceful protests."

Unfortunately the optics of these situations has now shown that when you let emotion run over your sense of logic and reason you tend to make hasty and detrimental decisions.

Violence solves nothing when it comes to dialogue. Stop this madness because it is always going to be seen as unacceptable no matter what rhyme or reason you attach to it.

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